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Combining a background in ecology with nearly a decade in email marketing, I know what it takes to build systems designed for growth.

My "natural orders" system draws from a track record generating millions of dollars in email revenue for businesses across the USA and Oceania.

My services help digital content publishers better develop, manage, optimize and profit from their email subscriber databases.

Matt Treacey | Author of Natural Orders

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How it works:

Build the List: grow your list fast — without increasing traffic.

Increase Engagement: set strong foundations by improving opens, clicks, unsubscribes and deliverability.

Gather Data: create personalized campaigns that increase conversions.

Convert Subscribers: build segmented, timely and relevant automations that run 24/7.

Reveal Profitable Segments: capitalize on your most valuable subscribers.

Own Your Audience: build your Walled Garden for long-term competitive advantage.

Illustrations by Giancarlo Melgar:"Stages Type A". Marker pen on paper. 2023.
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